IITA Bibliography is a collection of agricultural research publications produced by IITA scientists, research fellows, and students from 1972 to date. The collection includes journal articles, books and book chapters, conference proceedings, training and extension materials, theses, and other publications. IITA conducts research in these thematic areas: biotechnology and plant breeding, natural resource management, social science and agribusiness, plant production and plant health, and nutrition and human health.

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  • The BananaTainer: a high throughput phenotyping installation to explore Musa's growth potential in the east African highlands 

    Gambart, C.; Vanluchene, M.; Swennen, R.; Carpentier, S.C. (2023)
    The East African highlands, a densely populated area in the African Great Lakes region, are located at high altitudes (900-2000 m a.s.l.) and characterized by relatively low average temperatures (17-25°C). Banana (Musa spp.) is an important component of its production landscape, contributing in Uganda to up to 80% of the caloric intake. However, above 1500 m a.s.l. the relatively low ambient temperatures slow down the production and the on-farm diversity decreases. Although enhanced on-farm diversity ...
  • Measuring women's empowerment in agriculture: innovations and evidence 

    Quisumbing, A.; Cole, S.M.; Elias, M.; Faas, S.; Galie, A.; Malapit, H.; Meinzen-Dick, R.; Myers, E.; Seymour, G.; Twyman, J. (2023-09)
    This paper addresses women's empowerment in agriculture, innovations in its measurement, and emerging evidence. We discuss the evolution of the conceptualization and measurement of women's empowerment and gender equality since 2010. Using a gender and food systems framework and a standardized measure of women's empowerment, the Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI), we review the evidence on “what works” to empower women based on impact evaluations of a portfolio of 11 agricultural ...
  • Association mapping in multiple yam species (Dioscorea spp.) of quantitative trait loci for yield-related traits 

    Adejumobi, I.I.; Agre, A.P.; Adewumi, A.S.; Shonde, T.E.; Cipriano, I.M.; Komoy, J.; Adheka, J.G.; Onautshu, O.D. (2023-07-11)
    Background Yam (Dioscorea spp.) is multiple species with various ploidy levels and is considered as a cash crop in many producing areas. Phenotypic selection in yam improvement is a lengthy procedure. However, marker-assisted selection has proven to reduce the breeding cycle with enhanced selection efficiency. Methodology In this study, a panel of 182 yam accessions distributed across six yam species were assessed for diversity and marker-traits association study using SNP markers generated from ...
  • Characterization of Hoplolaimus seinhorsti and Hoplolaimus pararobustus (Tylenchina: Hoplolaimidae) from banana, with phylogeny and species delineation in the genus Hoplolaimus 

    Olajide, E.; Singh, P.R.; Kolombia, Y.A.; Rumbarar, M.K.; Couvreur, M.; Bert, W. (2023-05-23)
    The morphological and molecular characterisations of two lance nematode species isolated from the rhizosphere of banana, Hoplolaimus seinhorsti and H. pararobustus, are provided based on an integrative study that includes light and scanning electron microscopy, phylogenetic analysis and two tree-based molecular species delimitation methods (GMYC and bPTP). Nineteen new sequences were obtained, including 5 partial 18S rRNA, 6 D2-D3 of 28S rRNA, 1 ITS rRNA and 7 COI mtDNA (the first COI sequences ...

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