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dc.contributor.authorNg, N.Q.
dc.contributor.authorPadulosi, S.
dc.identifier.citationNg, N.Q. & Padulosi, S. (1992). Constraints in the accessibility and use of germplasm collections. In G. Thottappilly, L.M. Monti, D.R. Mohan-Raj and A.W. Moore, Biotechnology: enhancing research on tropical crops in Africa. Ibadan, Nigeria: IITA, (p. 45-50).
dc.identifier.isbn978 131 090 1
dc.description.abstractThis paper discusses the problems associated with the lack of precise techniques for measuring the diversity of a crop species, selecting materials for accession, and determining the appropriate size for a core collection, as well as the boundaries of a genepool. The authors list the most important constraints to accessibility and use of germplasm collections, and indicate areas where biotechnology techniques can offer help. Among the research areas considered important for better utilization of germplasm are taxonomy of wild species, techniques for determination ofa representative collection, reproductive biology and germplasm enhancement, conservation techniques and genetic stability under storage, evaluation for specific agronomic traits (particularly for stress resistance), and non-destructive pathogen testing techniques.
dc.subjectWild Plants
dc.subjectPlant Breeding
dc.titleConstraints in the accessibility and use of germplasmcollections
dc.typeBook Chapter
cg.contributor.affiliationInternational Institute of Tropical Agriculture
cg.authorship.typesCGIAR single centre
cg.iitasubjectPlant Breeding
cg.iitasubjectGenetic Improvement
cg.accessibilitystatusOpen Access

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